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The seed of what is known as Assalatur-Rahman Islamic Association (ARIA) U.K today was sown at the first night vigil congregation of few brothers and sisters to share their common commitment to the Islamic faith in 1988. At the outset, members hosted the gathering on rotational basis, holding night vigils on Fridays until the wee hours of Saturday. The essential aspect of the gathering was to supplicate with the Holy Quran, glorifying Allah and invoking blessings on holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW); entrusting their collective and individual affairs to Allah (SWT). Thereafter, general matters regarding the welfare and needs of members were discussed.




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    Assalatur Rahman Islamic Association

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      London, United Kingdom
      Monday, 25th September, 2017
      Fajr4:57 AM
      Sunrise6:51 AM
      Zuhr12:51 PM
      Asr4:05 PM
      Magrib6:51 PM
      Isha8:37 PM

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    We learnt so many things but
    DO NOT act on them!
    ~ We have learnt that, if we
    wabihamdihii" a hundred
    times, our sins would be
    forgiven, even if they were as
    much as the foam of the sea.
    (Yet, several days and nights
    go by us and yet, we do NOT
    say these words).
    ~ We have learnt that, two
    rak'ahs of Salaatu-Duhaa
    outweigh 360 acts of sadaqah.
    (Yet, several days and nights
    will past us and we do NOT
    observe Salatul-Duhaa)
    ~ We have learnt that,
    whoever voluntarily fasts a
    single day in the path of Allah,
    Allah would distance his face
    from the fire by seven trenches
    and also distance his face from
    the fire by seventy khareefs.
    (Yet, we do NOT observe
    voluntary fasts)
    ~ We are aware that, whoever
    visits a sick person would have
    70,000angels follow him back
    as he returns home, seeking
    Allah's forgiveness for him.
    (Yet, we have NOT visited the
    sick this week)
    ~ We have learnt that,
    whoever prays upon a dead
    Muslim and follows the dead
    body to the grave until it is
    buried would have two Qiiraats
    of reward; and a Qiiraat is
    similar to Mount Uhud in size.
    (Yet, several weeks go by and
    we do NOT go to the grave-
    yards to pray Salatul Janaazah
    on the dying muslims)
    ~ We have learnt that,
    whoever builds a masjid for
    Allah, even if it is the size of a
    bird's nest, Allah would build a
    house for him in Paradise. (Yet,
    we do NOT contribute towards
    the building of masjids; even if
    it is with as little as 10 naira)
    ~We have learnt that, the one
    who helps a widow and her
    poor children is like the
    mujahid fighting in the path of
    Allah, and like the fasting
    person who doesn't break his
    fast at all, and like the one
    who spends the entire night
    doing Tahajjud and doesn't
    sleep at all.
    (Yet, we do NOT partake in the
    assistance of widows and their
    helpless orphans)
    ~ We have learnt that whoever
    recites a single letter from the
    Qur'an would get a hasannah,
    and a hasanah is recorded in
    ten folds. (Yet,we do NOT
    bother to recite the Qur'an
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