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The seed of what is known as Assalatur-Rahman Islamic Association (ARIA) U.K today was sown at the first night vigil congregation of few brothers and sisters to share their common commitment to the Islamic faith in 1988. At the outset, members hosted the gathering on rotational basis, holding night vigils on Fridays until the wee hours of Saturday. The essential aspect of the gathering was to supplicate with the Holy Quran, glorifying Allah and invoking blessings on holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW); entrusting their collective and individual affairs to Allah (SWT). Thereafter, general matters regarding the welfare and needs of members were discussed.




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    TODAY IS FRIDAY 19TH MAY 2017 (22ND SHABAN 1438 A.H)

    Assalam alaykun warahamatullah wabarakatuh.
    All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the word. We testify that none deserves worship except Him and that Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) was the seal and last messenger of Allah.
    We thanked Almighty Allah for making it possible for us to witness the best of all days of the week (Friday). We ask for continuous guidance from Allah and to forgive us of our sins here on earth and to make us live in Al-Janah Firdaus in the hereafter. Amin.

    Ramadan is only 8 days away, how we can prepare for it?
    As we were taught by Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W), Muslims should leave their lives on daily basis as if they will not witness tomorrow. By so doing we shall be preoccupied with good deeds now and then.
    Not all Muslims are Mumin. A Mumin is the one that had submitted himself or herself totally to the wills of Allah. As a true believer in the religion (Islam), we should always be prepared. Surely, the month of Ramadan is the best season for offering good deeds and gaining rewards and if one is not prepared for it now by obeying Allah’s command at all times it will not be that easy during the month of Ramadan if opportuned to witness it. We pray that in sha Allah, we shall all witness the beginning and end of the blessed month (Ramadan) and many more on earth; Amin.

    We all propose to do one thing or the other at a particular time; we should bear in mind that Almighty Allah disposes as it pleases Him. Some of us are of the opinion that when Ramadan comes they will do away from their immoral acts ranging from adultery, fornication, theft, lies, drinking of alcohols, smoking, to mention few. These acts in the first place were never in the ways of Allah and all attracts great punishment from Allah. Why does one has to wait till Ramadan before jettisoning these immoral, barbaric, denounce and rejected acts. By the way what gives us the impression that one will witness the day? Nothing, except by the wills of Almighty Allah.

    My dear in Islam, let us all take stock of ourselves and recognise our shortcomings. There is no other way or ways to prepare for Ramadan than doing good deeds at all times and seeking forgiveness from Almighty Allah.
    Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) said: “The smart man is the one who takes stock of himself and strives to do that which will benefit him after death, and the helpless one is the one who follows his own whims and desires and engages in wishful thinking, (assuming that Allah will forgive him regardless of what he does and that he does not need to strive to good deeds).”

    We pray that Almighty Allah reward us all for our desires to draw near to Him. We invoke Almighty Allah to enable us reap the fruits of the coming blessed month (Ramadan), accept our acts of worship and grant us forgiveness here and the hereafter. Amin
    Till next Friday in sha Allah.
    Alhaji Kolawole Tajudeen Yusuff.
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